New York wants to become the International Health Tourism Capital

Jun 12, 2014

New York is the financial, political, and cultural capital of the world, and it wants to be known also as the International Health Tourism Capital, for which it has already started its undisputed supremacy.
Under the patronage of the Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce (HTICC): Hospitals, clinics, doctors, facilitators, hotels, airlines, insurance bind to show the world its undisputed hegemony.
During the next few months until the celebration of the first USA Health Tourism Fair on December of 2015, New York will teach the world what it has to offer to the world in Health's Tourism, which will include conventional medical care of the highest international development combined with high level of tourist services and natural treatments such as Thermalism, Climatology and thalassotherapy (Heals in the marine environment).
Institutions and services throughout the metropolitan area of New York (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will join to achieve this goal.
HTICC launches U.S medical tourism packages with visa, hotel, airline, and medical procedure through its tour-operator.
Come July, people visiting the USA seeking medical care will be met with more than a treatment on a hospital bed: visa, hotel accommodation as well as recreational activities for families who accompany patients will be included in the medical tourism package.
Hospitals and healthcare facilities that wish to provide this services to medical tourist's through of Meditour tour-operator will be required to acquire membership from the Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce.
In a business that globally turns around $60 billion annually and is expected to double by end-2020, USA aims to utilize its position as a leading tourism destination and extend it to include an offering of its medical services.


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