Águas de Lindóia/SP - Hotel Monte Real

“Brazilian hottest forum about Thermalism, Health Tourism, SPA and Healing Natural Resources”
No doubt, Thermalism related activities allows the minimum or none natural resources exploitation (physical material extraction), generate comparative low amount residue waste; promote local communities sensitive to nature preservation, urban labor good income opportunities and welfare state healthful. Handling with important world GDP, these subjects
increasingly political focus evidence. 

Natural mineral waters and resources obtained currently great health status thought expositions at environment: view, bath, swimming, drink daily/dietary (bottle) or casual (spring, remedies, nutritional), hydrotherapy, complementary medicine, SPA, health resort/tourism, welfare, aesthetic, cosmetic, intakes and risks, health environment,… 

Recent research shows that water quality and hydro sources is among the first characteristics observed for the deployment of new business segments, as well as the bottled water industry. 
With the largest preserved water reserves on the planet, Brazil takes 96% of its natural resources in geothermal direct uses for water recreation and SPA. .Health and Wellness Tourism segment is already #3 Brazilian domestic preferences, healing preserved natural destinations and resources are gigantic and unknown. 
Since 1976 (yes, 15 years ago), Brazilian occupational and technicians could not show scientifically their Thermalism (“hydrotherapy, spring SPA”) experiences. The III THERMAL MEETING OMTh BRAZIL 2011 has made clear a national growth and opportunities related to the various activities sectors related these subjects.

Were 21 lectures provided about diversified Brazilian professionals expertise, from 3 states of Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Goiás, where located more than 40% of total national Spring SPA sites. medical, nurse, engineer, architect, physicist, geologist, dietician, pharmaceuticals, cosmetologist, CEO, politic, historian; illustrated their practical and switched 

Could also participate of interesting thermal walk around natural springs, inhalational radon SPA public room and Hydrotherapic experience: General Consul of Poland Republic-Dr. Jacek Such; Aguas de Lindoia Mayor, authorities representative of SBT, ABINAM, ABC SPAS, CIRCUITO DAS AGUAS PAULISTA, ATHISC, AMAT, PRODEP, CVB, ….

The true thermal practice!
Also sent pronounce OMTh (Sr. Ennio Gori/ITA and Dr. Hugo Ficosecco/ARG), INFOMED Dr. Juan Fagundo/CUB, TERMASWORLD Dra. Mayte Suárez Santos/ESP,), PAHO/WHO Catalina Mascco/PER, AGMA Sr. Jesús Rosino/ESP, ,
Our receptive touristic “Hydrocity”: Aguas de Lindoia - São Paulo State, features high magnitude discharge springs with warm and blue waters (O2), also emanating Radon (222Rn) and Thoron (220Rn) at spring free gas or liquid dissolved, all with potentially therapeutic levels. The leontology, archeology and recent history around this “hot spring village”  is richest and related scientific studies prominent Dr. Tozzi, 

At this moment, we inveting you to IV THERMAL MEETING OMTh
BRAZIL 2012 at wonderful Santa Catarina State, Caldas da Imperatriz SPA, with major sponsorship by Rota da Amizade Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB); and ATHISC, PLAZA HOTEIS, SBT, ABINAM supported.

Geól. Fabio Lazzerini


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